Friday, February 1, 2013

Real Life

Things at our house can be far from perfect.  This is a glimpse into our crazy Friday mornings. I work from home for a few hours meaning the girls can get away with a lot while I try to get work done.   Dad doesn't really know what goes on those days, until now! The secret is out.

All of this in about an hours time.

This mess can happen in a matter of minutes. Yes, that is a piece of firewood in the middle of the room!
More Mess.

She said her baby was sick and she gave it a bowl to get sick in.

Helping herself to a snack. I used to have this food down low but moved it up out of the reach of little hands. Obviously it isn't working. Maybe I will have to move it back down for safety reasons! She is a little monkey.
Eating crackers big sister got down.
Getting picked on by big sister. Don't worry I am NOT that bad of a mom, I picked her up after  I took the picture.
There are a couple quiet moments.

If only you could hear the audio...

"Turn the music down!!"

"Stop pushing/hitting/(insert anything you can think of here) your sister"

"Off the counter"

"Get out of the fridge"

"Stop playing in the dog food"



  1. Oh joy what I have to look forward too! Thanks Maggie!!! NF


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