Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Catching Up

It has been awhile since I last made a post. My excuse is life got in the way. A few posts have been drafted but by the time I go to finish them I decide it wasn’t worth sharing!  You would get to read a lot more if I posted as soon as I had a thought. Lucky you, that doesn't usually happen.
Yesterday was my birthday. Birthdays as you get older and become a parent are not quite what they used to be. My husband and I stopped doing birthday gifts after the first year of marriage. A simple happy birthday is enough.  I do kind of, sort of, hope my husband remembers though.  He forgot.  I kept thinking at some point during the day it would hit him. Nope. I wasn’t planning on telling him until the next day. He suddenly realized it was my birthday while I was texting with a friend from college right before going to bed.  Men.  It only took the whole day and most of the evening.  I haven’t decided yet how he is going to pay me back.  I will have to hold it against him for the next year....that way he won't forget my next birthday.
Since I haven’t posted for a while I also haven’t shared pictures.  Here are some pictures to get you caught up!
Thanks to my Mom we did have a birthday celebration tonight. She sent home brownies and candles so Greta could sing me happy birthday!

Birthday Party attendees
Uncle(Brother) Abe and Greta playing the ipad together. Melts my heart!

Greta and August looking cute at our Christmas gathering.

Matilda showing off her new slippers. 

We recently went bowling with friends. The girls loved it!! Definitely something we will have to do again. Didn't keep score, but I think the little girls did better than the adults.  
Great form!

Cute Miss Dorie taking her turn. 
Greta posing for the camera. Love this picture!

We told Greta if she slept in her bed she could pick out a toy at the store. She chose play doh and is loving it. Too bad the bribery only worked for one night. As I write this, I am sitting next to her on the couch waiting for her to go to sleep!!! Ahhh....


  1. Love the butt shot of Ethan! My favorite shot of 2013 so far!

  2. He gets a butt shot for forgetting my birthday. If only a little "crack crack" (as Greta calls it) was showing then it would be even better!

  3. Maggie- Your girls are beautiful and you are quite the photographer! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now... I think you should quit your day job and be a photographer & writer. You have quite the talent!
    Nikki (Simpson) Allers
    Happy belated bday!

  4. @Nikki - Thanks a lot!! Its nice to know someone out there is reading this besides me!! I have been reading your blog as well and I have admired your photography work. It would be a dream come true if I could make this my full time job!!

  5. Happy belated Maggie! You look great and your girls are precious! I too enjoy reading your blog and see myself and girls through the stories you tell. You have some amazing pictures. Keep blogging and making me smile!


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