Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blog Love

I love blogs, as you might have guessed.   I will add a page to my blog soon that lists some of my favorites. It is a list that will continue to grow as I find new ones all the time.  Today I want to share one that really inspired me to start my own blog.

She has thousands of followers compared to my two (special thanks to you two!) Her name is Kelle Hampton and her blog is Enjoying the Small Things. She writes and shares pictures of her beautiful family.

Her writing is amazing and refreshing.  Her photography inspires me.  Before I came across her blog I read her book titled Bloom.  It touched me like no other book has. I read most if it with tears running down my face. I can’t even explain where they came from.  Bloom is the birth story and journey of her younger daughter's first year. Her daughter, Nella, is now an adorable 3 year old who has down syndrome.  Most of my readers know this already but for those few out there that may not, my brother Abe is one amazing guy who just happens to have cerebral palsy.  If you haven’t met him, you should. He WILL make your life brighter.  Believe me when I say you cannot be around my brother and not be happy. I am one lucky girl to call him my big brother.  I think having a brother with special needs may be one reason why I loved the book so much. While I haven't had to go through the experience of loving someone with special needs from a mother's perspective, I felt I could relate. It made me think of what my own mom and dad might of been going through when they were told Abe had cerebral palsy. I wonder if they had some of the same feelings, struggles and fears that Kelle experienced. I have always known my parents are great but not until I became a parent myself did I realize how truly amazing they are.  One of the concerns that Kelle Hampton had when her Nella was born was how a child with special needs was going to affect her older daughter’s life.   What she knows now, and what I would have told her if I had known her, is that perfect baby is one of the best things that would happen to her older daughter.  It will make her more accepting of all people, more understanding and open her world to things she never would have known and got to experience. Sure there will be challenges along the way as with any child, but it’s all part of an amazing journey.  If you haven't read Bloom or visited Enjoying the Small Things, I encourage you to go check it out.  Today's blog post "where there is love there is life" was awesome. Her video was great and of course brought me to tears!! 



  1. I had to read this through tears!


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