Thursday, January 24, 2013

Signs you are a Mom

A few sure signs you are a mother to young children.  This list may or may not be from recent personal experience.

  • Half way through the day you realize you forgot to snap your nursing bra. Awesome. Boobs already hang down way to low in non supportive nursing bra. Not hooking the bra just made them hang down a little more. Snap bra as soon as no one is looking and hope to god that no one noticed you looked a little droopy on one side.
  • Use the restroom at work to notice you have snot/food/spit-up on the shoulder of your black sweater. 
  • Once again when using the bathroom at work, you find out your shirt is on inside out! What?? How did you not notice when its a hooded sweatshirt?? In the rush to get kids out the door you didn't bother to look in the mirror.  
  • Finding pacifiers in pant pockets when you are not even with your kids. You never know when that sucking need will happen, good thing you brought your pacifier. 
  • Getting peed on in the morning while changing a diaper. It required you to change your pants. Not ones that were worn for two weeks straight that desperately needed washed but the pants you actually washed the night before.  
  • You finally have the kids to bed. Hallelujah. Upon laying down you notice the sheets on your side smell a little funky. Oh yes how could you forget that is where you were when you got peed on while changing the diaper. You are so tired and want to go to bed there is no time to change/wash sheets. Solution; turn the sheets and blankets the other way so head is not lying in the stink. Hopefully you remember tomorrow to wash them.
The list could go on and on, but I will save some for another day.  Any good mom stories from you? Would love to hear them.


  1. You are funny! I am guessing they were all true too. lol

  2. None of those things have ever happened to me! Must just be you!

    1. Shoot!!!! Not even the nursing bra?? Now you make me feel like a big dork!!!!

  3. Here is my story....I went through the drive-thru at Starbucks, waited in line for several minutes, finally handed the woman my money, she handed me my super creamy, delicious large coffee, and I drove away. Approximately 10 hours later, I realized I drove away without my change! I like to think that I did a good dead that day and paid it forward... over and over again, as I paid with a 20 dollar bill!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! I can see how the super creamy, delicious large coffee could make you forget all about money...or then again maybe it was just mommy brain!


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