Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet Sleep

This my friends may not be exciting for you but for this mom it is priceless!!  That sweet birthday girl I gushed about a couple days ago, well you will notice I wrote nothing about how much I love the way she sleeps or rather the lack of sleep during the day.   She will nap at daycare for HOURS, nap for grandma with no problems, but for her mom she does not like to nap regardless of how tired she is.  But today she did!! I laid her down, she fussed for a minute and then silence!  Yes, not exciting, but oh so sweet.

Then I was crazy enough to sneak in and take pictures!!

Note: I started to write this blog two days ago, little stinker woke up before I had a chance to finish. Maybe now you will understand why my blog posts are not as often as I had hoped.  I would still like to get my Christmas post up before New Years, but I wouldn't hold your breathe!


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