Saturday, December 15, 2012


My heart hurts for all of those affected by the tragic events that went on yesterday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As a mother I can't help but to "go there" and think about what it must be like. It is really unimaginable.

I find myself crying whenever my mind wonders back to yesterday.  I have hugged and kissed my girls extra over the past day. I am grateful they were home with me yesterday.  I am glad they are so young and I don't have to explain to them that although rare, bad things happen in this world. How do you comfort those children so young that heard and saw something so horrible?   As young as my girls are I think they knew something was going on yesterday.  I think they felt my mood as they both kissed and hugged me more. I know not to take a day for granted but life gets busy and sometimes you forget, then this happens.  Cherish every single moment.

My prayers and thoughts go out to all those who had children at the school, to those who don't have a chance to give their kids that extra hug, to those teachers who showed amazing courage in an unthinkable situation.

I grieve for you. I pray for you.  My heart literally hurts for you.


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