Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trees, Margs and Balls!! Oh My!!

I love this time of year.  Not sure what part I love the most; the extra days off of work, spending time with the family, good food and drinks, or the Christmas music!  I love it all.  We went to the local tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree this past weekend. It is the earliest we have had a tree up and I love it. It will make the holiday season seem a bit longer.  The tree picking out process took a long time as it does every year. I haven't quite figured out why it is so hard to pick the perfect tree. It seemed like a really long time with the girls "helping" us!  We took the wagon for them to ride in which they sat in for about 2 minutes and we carried them the other hour!   Oh the many joys of parenthood! 
Dad can do it all! Carry the tree and the baby!

The real excitement came when we got the tree home. Both girls went down for a long nap, which left me armed with a margarita in one hand, balls in the other and Raffi Christmas playing in the background (best Christmas CD EVER!).  I was in heaven!
Margaritas and balls! oh Yea!

The pretty tree!


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