Thursday, November 29, 2012

I won!!!

I won!!  $4.00!! WooHoo! Ok, so I should really say “we” since I went in with other family members.
Yes, I joined the other millions on the bandwagon and bought a few powerball tickets for last night’s drawing.
Yes, I know that the chance of winning was 1:175 million plus, but it was that 1 that got me hooked. You can’t win if you don’t play.
Yes, I understand that I am throwing that money away, but for a few days I got to dream what it would be like to wake up an instant multimillionaire.  It was fun. It gives you a little bit of hope that your financial worries could be over, or at least your worries would shift.
What would I do with millions? Pay off all my debt. Quit my job. Finish our house that has been a work in progress for 6 years!  Take a very long vacation. Someday open my own business because I want too not because I have to.  Give to charity. Relax. And then live life as I always have, just with a bit more free time and financial stability! Oh the dreams. It was fun but I guess it’s over now….until next week when I buy 2 more tickets with the $4.00 we won.  Only because splitting $4.00 doesn’t go far.  
Congrats to the lucky bastards people that won in Missouri and Arizona. I wish you the best and hope you put your millions to good use.
Did you play? What were your dreams?


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