Monday, November 12, 2012


Momnesia  - (definition)  A mother’s  loss of memory of a previous bad public outing with her children.  It makes her believe the next trip out is going to be wonderful.   If it were not for momnesia she would never leave the house with children in tow.
I had a case of momnesia. I decided last Friday to take both my girls on a shopping trip for new shoes. My toddler, Greta, loves shoes.  It would be so much fun to let her try on and pick out her own shoes. I even gave her the speech if you are good, you will get to buy new shoes. She told me she was so excited! I loaded both girls up with wonderful images of how much fun we were going to have.  I was going to be that mom who can do it all!! I see other mom’s with little ones out at stores with their well-behaved children, why can’t I do it?  Of course in the back of my mind I knew I was crazy. Let’s just say my girls have spunk.  They are bursting with personality and are so much fun to be around. But along with that great spunk comes stubbornness and downright orneriness at times. While Greta had fun running through the store yelling “Try to get me”, I did not.  People were staring (some laughing) as I pushed the double stroller with one kid in it through the aisles trying to find and catch her without any luck. I finally decided it was best if I sat on a bench and waited for her little game to be over.  I ended up carrying her out shoeless (as they had been thrown when handed to her to put on). I won’t even go into the kicking and screaming on the floor that went on in the previous store (obviously I should have given up then).  Needless to say we bought no shoes.
She really is cute though.
In the end, my only regret is not taking a picture or video…..the momnesia is already setting in again!


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