Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Manic Monday

Monday recap:
·         Girls are in their car seats on time!!! Woohooo! Start the car…nope car won’t start. Car only makes strange noises.  Side note, van is less than a year old and 30,00 miles. Really??!!

·         Self-Pity Party – I did manage to make it to work, late of course.  Start the pity party.  I have for the most part accepted that I will not get to be a stay at home mom, my dream job. A crazy hard job that I want with all my heart. My girls go to a great day care two times a week and the other two days spend it with a grandma they are crazy about. I know they are in wonderful hands and they are happy. I still have days when the pain of leaving them is real. My head knows this is what I must do for my family, but my heart begs to differ. It longs to spend the whole day with them, not a couple hours at night.  I think my tears today were building up slowly; starting with running into an old co-worker who quit after her first child was born. She asked if I was still working and when I told her I was, she said “I don’t know how you do it.” Do I have a choice?  You have to do it, whether you are a full time working mom, stay at home mom or somewhere in between you do what you have to.  That one encounter got me thinking all over again how much I want to stay at home with them. They are only little once. Then maybe it was my little one clinging to me as I tried to drop her off or my two year old telling me daily when I pick her up "I cry - want mommy get here".  Maybe it is the darn time change that has me in a funk, at any rate, it hurts but I must wipe the tears and move on.

·         The real stinker of the day…SKUNK!! The dogs were sprayed up close and personal by a skunk. They were determined to catch the black and white "kitty".  It smelled for at least a mile down the road. This happens all within minutes of the tow truck coming to take the car away.  2 home concoctions, 2 shampoos and 1 miracle skunk odor remover later they were welcomed back into the house.  Still slightly smelly but hopefully not enough to stink up the whole house.  I was not about to let my spoiled fur babies sleep out in the cold (although I almost asked the hubby too as he smelled as bad as them!). They are not cut out for the cold as they are used to sleeping in our bed under the covers. As a result we may all smell a little skunky for days!   

Manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
‘Cause that’s my funday
My I don’t have to runday
It’s just another manic Monday
Lets all hope for a better Tuesday!!!


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