Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sun & Sand

Thursday afternoon it warmed up here a bit. FINALLY!! The temp on my car read 51 degrees at one point.  It felt so good and made me think spring might be here soon.  It also made me want to drink a beer.  What is it about warm weather and a nice cold beer?? Or is that just me?

I was at the mall today which is full of spring and summer clothes. It made me that much more anxious for warm weather.  It will be nice dressing the girls in sundresses and sandals instead of coats and boots.

A warm up, flip flops, swimsuits and sundresses made me start day dreaming of our trip to the sunny beaches of Mexico later this year.  I can almost feel the sand under my feet, the sun on my face and a drink in my hand.  Then I hear a child yelling for me and I am brought back to reality. The kids are going on vacation with us. The chances of my dreams of relaxing on the beach all day and sipping on a fruity drink will probably not come true. Rather it will be me catching them while they jump in the pool, chasing them down the beach and playing referee to who gets what sand pail. I really can't wait!! There's a lot of time and things going on between now and the trip, I will have to settle for dreams of this until then:

A picture of Greta from the last time we were in Mexico. I forgot how many rolls and she had!! Love it!


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