Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never Never

The other day I overheard Greta telling Matilda the following:

Tillie don't hit or bite me.
Never Never hit or bite.
It makes me sad.
I will never never play with you again.

Ok Miss Greta P, you should listen to your own advice. This is coming from the child who struggles with a hitting/pushing/biting problem. If her sister had the same attitude she would of stopped playing with you when she was about 2 weeks old!!  You are lucky she is a bit more forgiving.

* * *

We've had a few incidents during Greta's gymnastics class where she has pushed or hit.  Yes, I am the mother of a kid that the other parents fear. My child comes near their kids, they pull them a little closer. She can be the sweetest little thing on minute and a toddler bully the next. We are working on it.  She has actually been really good the last few weeks.  We always give her the speech before class that she is not to touch the other kids and to be really nice.  After last weeks class she proudly announced to me:

Mom I be really really nice to the boys.

Yes dear, you were nice to the boys and I am so proud of you. I am okay with this statement at the age of 2, maybe not so much at 16. She was so proud.

* * *

Matilda made the cool name list.

* * *

Matilda carefully gathered every piece of clothing she could find out of their rooms and piled them up in the hallway.  She threw a huge fit when Greta knocked her pile over. I don't blame her, she worked hard on it.

Greta packed her back pack (pack pack, as she calls it) with books and told us she was going to school.

And a couple of Matilda being her cute self.


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