Thursday, October 25, 2012

Recent Randoms

We recently went to a local farm and pumpkin patch. We couldn't of picked a better day to go, the weather was amazing.  It was a good trip, nothing crazy really happened which is a rare occurrence for us. Not even one toddler meltdown or at least not one big enough I can remember it.  Greta chose to wear her rain boots. Very smart girl and pretty darn cute if I say so! It wasn't rainy that day but it was a bit muddy when visiting with the cows and chickens.  We all should of taken our fashion sense from her!  All went well, although Greta was slightly disappointed that there were no elephants or giraffes on the farm. Hard to believe I know! 

Last weekend we had tickets to the home Iowa Game.  It was going to be a an outing without the kids! Exciting day for this mom.  But no, it wasn't meant to be. We lost our babysitter and had to sell our tickets.  I should of been tailgating with these lovely family members (cabo and all!)...
But instead I did this...
Read Books..lots of books.

picked up toilet paper

cuddled with this beautiful mug

 Now you tell me why would I of wanted to go drink lots of beer and cheer on the hawks?? 


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